Saturday, 15 February 2014

Asbestos Exposure Policy

When your employees are working close to asbestos, In the event they disturb them make sure they are trained in the proper procedures.

This procedure is to be followed in case of accidental disturbance of asbestos in the work place.

To insure there is no accidental asbestos exposure to workers while in the vicinity of asbestos.

List of steps:
1.) When working in direct proximity to asbestos keep a spray bottle handy with a mixture of 6 millimeters of dish soap to 250 milliliters of water.
2.) When contact to asbestos has been made with tools, Material and or person stop work immediately.
3.) Spray affected area generously.
4.) Let the abatement company know ASAP.
5.) Do not start work until the affected area has been decontaminated.
6.) In the case where clothes have been directly contaminated remove immediately and discard clothing in appropriate waste bags.

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