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Respiratory Protection Program

Respiratory Protection Program

Fit Testing and Training
The Health and Safety Rep will issue respirators as required, perform fit testing and train the employee on the use and limitations and maintenance of respirators.

Medical Evaluation
All employees who use respirators are requested to undergo medical evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to allow the worker to become aware of any medical conditions they may have, which could be aggravated by the wearing of a respirator. The results of such examination will be the exclusive and confidential property of the worker/patient. The company will not require access to the workers medical information.

Respirator Selection Guide
For Employees exposed to solvents due to activity on job-sites, the appropriate Respirator is a Half-mask respirator equipped with organic vapour cartridge.

When working in very dusty conditions where dust is known to be other than asbestos or fibre-glass, the appropriate Respirator is a dust mask or a half mask respirator equipped with ‘dust mist and fume’ filter cartridges.

When working in any area known to have or suspected to have very low levels of airborne asbestos particles, the appropriate respirator is a Half mask with High Efficiency Aerosol filters. Areas where the air is heavily contaminated with asbestos (as might be expected during asbestos removal) must be avoided by our people.

Respirator Maintenance
Respirator users are each assigned their own respirator for their exclusive use. Employees care for and maintain their own respirator.

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