Monday, 17 February 2014

Heat Stress

When your cooling system can’t keep up with the heat your body dehydrates and your temp rises above 38 C you get heat related illnesses such as...
Rash = (plugged sweat glands)
Heat cramps = (sweating has caused salt loss)

Heat exhaustion
your body cant keep blood flowing both to vital organs and to the skin for cooling
feeling faint, headache, breathlessness, nausea or vomiting, hard to continue working.
Move to shaded area, loosen clothing, drink cool water (not freezing cold)
30 min to cool down, could lead to heat stroke

Heat stroke = death
When your body has used all its water and salt it’s lost the ability to cool itself, temp reaches dangerous levels.
Confusion and irrational behaviour (if you start speaking a different language)
Convulsions, unconsciousness, stop sweating (hot dry skin)
High body temp above 40 C
Call emergency (get the worker to the hospital)
Immerse in cool water or cool shower
If worker becomes unconscious don’t give them anything to drink.


Light loose clothing, light coloured (absorbs less heat), Drink small amounts of water (8oz) every half hour, Avoid coffee or tea that would make you go to the bathroom frequently, avoid hot heavy meals, physical condition (age, weight, fitness, high blood pressure)

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