Saturday, 15 February 2014

Scaffold Approval Procedure

Scaffold Approval Procedure

To prevent injuries and property damage from use of scaffolding before installation or modification is complete.

Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Industrial Establishments Section 25.

This tag system is used on all scaffolding that we install or modify, and applies to all projects and job-sites where we install or modify scaffolding or related equipment. It is the responsibility of their employees and contractors adhere to this procedure.

  1. Our Scaffold Erection Supervisor or competent person is to attach a red ‘DANGER DO NOT USE’ tag to scaffold that they are in the process of constructing or modifying.

  1. Upon completion of scaffold construction or modification the red ‘DANGER DO NOT USE’ tag is removed by the competent person or supervisor and a green ‘O.K. TO USE’ tag is attached.

  1. Under no circumstance may the scaffold be used until and unless our green ‘O.K. TO USE’ tag is attached.
  2. In certain situations some scaffolds cannot be 100% guard railed, in these situations we use what we call a yellow tag. Yellow tags are used when a scaffold is ready to use by the client but with some stipulations. Stipulations will be written on the yellow tag letting the client know there is some aspect of the scaffold that may need special attention.

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