Friday, 21 February 2014

Safety Hazards

Discuss Safety hazards when they appear.

 PPE. is a important part of every day work on the job whether it's using a proper face shield while using a grinder or wearing ear protection while working with loud noises.Workers need to be trained to use and supplied with the necessary PPE.

Here is a common list of hazards and the proper PPE to use.

Chain saw = Face shield, chainsaw pants and jacket, proper chain guard and ear plugs.

Welding = welding mask, Welding jacket, benie or fire risistant cap, proper gloves and ventalation if needed.

Hammering = gloves and eye protection.

Dry wall prepping = Goggles, dust mask and gloves

Discuss the hazards that your crew will encounter during the day and ways to avoid them.Some times PPE should be the last resort, avoiding hazards all together is the best solution.When all else fails use the proper PPE and stay safe.

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