Monday, 17 February 2014

Driver Policy


The purpose of the Driver Policy is to:
Ensure that only driver’s whose records demonstrate a history of safe driving are
authorized to drive Company vehicles or accept employment for which driving a Company car is a requirement.
Promote driver safety for persons employed by Company who drive Company provided vehicles or personal vehicles while engaged in Company business (a “Driver” Employee).
The definition of driver under this Policy is any Company employee, (“Employee” or
Driver”) who regularly drive their own personal vehicle(s) for Company business, or drives a Company owned/leased vehicle.
Reduce the severity and frequency of losses associated with Company vehicles.
All “Driver” Employees are responsible for adhering to this policy as a condition of employment.


This Policy is governed and administered by the Operations manager, any decision or interpretation of the Policy by the Company is binding and final upon the Employee.


Driver selection is a one-time process. Assuring that the driver remains qualified is an on-going process. Motor Vehicle Record Checks will be obtained annually for all “Driver” Employees. Driver qualification files will be maintained every three months to facilitate review of a “Driver” Employee’s adherence to the Policy.
The Company will obtain a MVR for the Employee after the hire date. An employee who does not meet the conditions of the Policy will be terminated immediately.


It is the “Driver” Employee’s responsibility to maintain a driving record that is within the limitations of this Policy and applicable Ontario laws.
The “Driver” Employee must, at all times, maintain a valid driver’s license in the province of the Employee’s residence.
All moving violations must be reported to the Human Resources Department within
24 hours of the violation. All moving violations received while operating any motor vehicle will be used to determine Driver’s continuing eligibility for employment, this includes, but is not limited to, citations received while operating a privately owned vehicle for personal use. The license is attached to the driver, not the vehicle.
A candidate for employment with more than three (3) minor moving violations over the preceding thirty-six month period is not eligible for employment.
Any Employee with more than three (3) minor moving violations over the preceding thirty-six (36) month period is not eligible for continued employment, except as indicated below in Exception Note.
Any Employee (or candidate for employment) with (1) major moving violation over the preceding thirty-six (36) month period is not eligible for hire or continued employment.
In the event the Employee’s driver’s license is suspended or revoked, the Employee shall be required to report such occurrence, in writing, to the office manager within 24 hours of the revocation or suspension and must immediately cease driving for company purposes until further notice from the office manager. Failure to report the revocation or suspension of the Driver’s license will result in immediate termination of employment with Company. Other grounds for immediate termination of employment include, but are not limited to:
Receiving a DUI (driving under the influence) of alcohol or drugs or DWI (driving while intoxicated) charge.
Suspension of Driver’s license due to points and/or accidents over the previous thirty-six (36) months.
Two (2) traffic accidents within the preceding thirty-six (36) month period in which the Employee received a traffic citation.


The Employee should never discuss the details of an accident with anyone other than the Employee’s immediate supervisor, office manager, the Insurance Company representative or their direct designee (attorney) or police investigators.
Traffic accidents involving Company vehicles incurred while on Company business or while on personal use, must be reported to the appropriate supervisor, within 24 hours of such occurrence or on the following business day, whichever comes first. Failure to report vehicle accidents when due will result in termination of the Driver’s employment with Company.
The Employee must call the police and obtain the Police Accident Report number, officer badge number and name.
All accidents resulting in Employee injuries that occur while conducting Company business must also be reported to the WSIB and office manager.


Driver” Employees driving Company owned/leased vehicles or personal vehicles while on Company business are expected to perform in accordance with the following objectives:
Follow all rules and regulations in the Ontario Highway Traffic act.
All ways wear your hard hat while loading and unloading.
Do a circle check before each shift.
When backing up use a signaler if possible, walk around the vehicle to examine the area, look for obstacles, use both rear view mirrors and move slowly.
Avoid vehicle accidents and moving violations by driving defensively.
Avoid vehicle abuse by proper vehicle care, maintenance, and use
Be courteous to other drivers
Never pick up hitchhikers
Carry no more than two passengers in the front seat
Do not talk on cellular/mobile phones while driving. Pull over or out of traffic or use a speakerphone to keep both hands on the steering wheel.
Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Check with your doctor on possible adverse effects from prescription or over-the-counter medications.
Always use seat belts, shoulder restraints and ensure that passengers do, as well.
Always lock an unattended vehicle.
No smoking is permitted in company owned/leased vehicles.
When parking, try to leave the vehicle in a well-lighted, secure area.
Equipment and material must be secured and load distributed properly before transporting.
Equipment and material must be placed on the truck with sufficient means to remove it via forklift.

Follow guidelines for fleet safety, maintenance and use.

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